Tweedle (The Hammie)


" Tweedle - the - Hammie "

1997 ---- Aug. 24 1998

Ode to Tweedle

Oh my adventurous one!

How many walls kitchens have you travelled through

with you pretty little feet?

How many discovery trips have you taken

as my Great Escapes artist?

Yet you always came home to me.

I'm so proud of my ham-mie-mie

Even if the rat had won.

Oh my poor adventurous one!

I'll miss your cute little face

(Every morning when I rise every night when I put you to bed).

Adventures in plastic hammie balls

escapades in pockets oaten-meal fancies--

If only we could have had more...

I'll miss you my dear one; and here's my Ode to you:


~ love your momma janet


Tweedle (The Hammie)