Twilight by Eva-Tanja&Family

My poor beloved Twilight! I can’t believe that your nine lives ran out and that a speeding car hit you. You died where you loved it most (outside) and I hope that you didn’t suffer. Now you are with Harley and I am glad that he is no longer alone waiting for us by the Rainbow Bridge. We’ll be moving soon and I feel horrible that we have to leave you and Harley behind but you will never be forgotten in our heart. I promise to post your pictures in memory in our new home. Please be nice to Harley and don’t swat him too much up there. Flash is adjusting but she searched for you for quite a while; she now also prefers to be outside. We miss you and Harley very very much!!!!! Good-Bye my handsome Twilight.

You’ll be missed forever by Mommy Daddy Blake Tara and Flash


6, October 2000