Two Little Puppies by Jennifer


"Two Little Puppies"

April 3 1998 ----- April 3 1998



For The Brave


Two absent heartbeats faultering,

Four tiny eyes have closed.

Something screams inside of us

I feel so empty now.

Two tiny lives that never were.

We thought that was the last

So sad all of a sudden

Because what we were expecting

Never came to pass.


For the brave who didn't make it.

I hope their souls are safe somewhere

And we celebrate the lives we have

Christened Miracle and Bear.



**Dedicated to the first two puppies borne around 4p.m. 3/4/99.

Sisters to the now healthy strong & bitey: Miracle (Whitefang) & Bear (Helldog)**

Love Burlap & everyone 24/2/99©














Two Little Puppies