Tyger by Mags Scorey / Mags

Bittersweet Spring

I love Spring..
signs of new life
crocuses, daffodils,
bluebells, joys galore.

But this year will be different.

I’ve just been to look at the grave
I’ve prepared for you, my lovely Tyger.
And under the plastic glass,
I saw shoots of new life, maybe bluebells?

And I feel so strongly,
you will be part of those bluebells,
before the Spring is over.

And yet, would I have wanted you
to die in Winter, in the freezing cold?
Or Summer, when the heat is high?
Or Autumn, when all is colourful, but dying?

No, my Tyger,
I feel I will lose you
in a bittersweet Spring.

© Mags Scorey 16-Feb-04


You Are Gone but I Love You Still
7, Apr 2004
Mags Scorey