Tyson by Lisa

I knew it was coming
your time was near
Yet you and l still believed
there was nothing to fear.

Life without you
is hard to comprehend
But you didn’t suffer
not my dearest friend.

Only yesterday you were
that mischievious little pup
Who sat in the hall and
always looked up.

Hard to live with at times
hey that l’ll admit
But you finally got
ME trained with
your stubborn wit.

Thirteen years together
going through time
Always together
never enough time.

God granted your wish and
your angel form took to the sky
Leaving me here with tears
only boxer kisses will dry.

So I sit here now
thinking over the past
Our time together flew by so fast.
I didnt get to say goodbye
you saved me from that pain
but the tears l still cry.

You are my friend
for ever & a day
be happy in the fields
that you play.
For I know that
we will meet again one day.



15, Jan 2002