Uncle Joe and J.D. by mia and jesse / With all my heart, Mia

My sister Jesse wanted a guinea pig and I wanted a hamster but my mother said we should get the same pets, so we ended up geting guinea pigs. Most of them at the store looked so unloved there fur was rough and exct…. so we got to brothers of course so they would get along, and we got ones that were black with one white strip some were on them. So they were okay for a month or two then my brother Tommy, that little brat decided to give them a bath with blue water, of course this was no blue water it was clindex! and my brother came up to me and said the guinea pigs are dead. And I said no there not there probably sleeping, so I went to there cage and they looked like they were sleeping. And I came back out and said there sleeping Tommy, then I turned to my mom and said right.
She said hunny I’m sorry they’re deing.

I fell to the floor and cryed.


I'll never forget them,
Uncle Joe and J.D.
mia and jesse