Unknown by Unknown / Tess

This is a tribute to a dog that I did not know. I was the cause of the loss of this dog; I was traveling home from work at night, and I hit it with my car when it ran in front of me. It was agonizing, sitting by the dog’s side, waiting for the emergency crew, not knowing whether it would live or die. The police officer who arrived knew me, and
was that was comforting.

A close friend arrived, and that helped, too. The dog’s owner came just in time to see the dog’s last breath. It seems that the owner’s children had left the yard gate open, and he was driving around looking for it. This was an accident,
no one’s fault.

Still, I feel grief at the loss of this animal, and that I was the cause of it’s pain and death. I never learned the dog’s name, and so I will just call him Baby. Baby, I hope that you will find it in your heart to forgive me. I hope to see you again some day, when you are healthy, happy, and whole. Maybe then, we can be friends.


Godspeed, Baby,
12, Jan 2006