Wanderer by Lou, Susan & Jenifer / Daddy, Mommy, & Jennifer


You came into our lives so unexpectedly, but soon you and your sisters became the focal point our our family. You won our hearts by just being you. More aloof than your sisters, you always acted like royalty. You were our sophisticated lady, always so prim and proper. Walking with an air about you, eating your food over your dish, making sure to pick up any tidbit that may have fallen. Always seeking the sunshine on a window sill or couch, you gave us so much love and joy for over 17 years. Now you are with your sisters Cokie and Midnight in heaven.

I hope you knew how much we all loved you. Someday we will all be together again, with no pain or sickness, a food dish that will always be full, and plenty of sunshine. Until then, thank you for 17 great years.


Rest In Eternal Peace,
1, Nov 2007
Lou, Susan & Jenifer