Weiner Boy by Kelly Santangalo / Kelly, your mommy and friend.!!

I was coming home from work when I noticed a dog on the side of the rode. When i pulled up into my driveway, I rushed out of my car to go see it. I looked at it for a few minutes and noticed it was Weiner. I picked him up and put him in my car.

I took him to the vet. They said his leg was badly infected. They said his leg had to be removed. They asked me his name. I said I will name him Weiner. They said it would take 5 hours to take his hinde leg off. 5 hours past they said he will be fine.

Then he got all his shots and I took him home. We played and I got really attached to Weiner that I had to bring him every where I go. Weiner and I played and had lots of fun, but two years later he got diagnosed with lung cancer and died before I could get help.


Weiner, I really miss you ,
no other dog could ever replace you.
Weiner Boy
Kelly Santangalo