Wendy by Nancy Wheeler / Nancy

This morning I lost my best friend,
my four legged girl you see,
as I knew that it was coming,
it didn’t make it any easier for me.
Your love was unconditional,
and you always trusted me,
no matter what a day brought,
you were always there my Wendy.
To sit and hold you one more time,
then feel your body go lifeless,
is the hardest thing I can ever do,
while giving you one last head kiss.
It will take time to get use to you,
not being by my side,
I will remember our time together,
and oh was that a wild ride.
To my Wendy who has crossed the bridge,
I’m glad you’re out of pain,
your legs will no longer give out,
and your sight you will regain.
You will be able to hear well again,
and enjoy the sounds around you,
and if you listen carefully,
you will hear my voice again, too.
Goodbye my girl, I will miss you.


Your best friend with love,
18, May 2016
Nancy Wheeler