Westie by Connie and Colin




May 21 1989 ----- October 16 2000

West Highland White Terrier


You've treated me so kindly

my Beloved earth Master and

there is no heart in all the world

that is more grateful for your kindness

than the loving heart of mine.


My spirit soars to the heavens because

of the patience love and understanding

that you have shown towards me

even when I was not on my best behavior.


Your voice was the world's sweetest music

as you must know by the fierce wagging of my tail

when your footsteps fell upon my waiting ear.


When it was cold and wet

you made certain of my warmth and comfort

by providing me with a home full of happiness and love.


I ask no greater glory than the honor and privilege of sitting

at your feet for you are my god and

I am your devoted worshiper.


You kept my pan filled with fresh water

and you fed me clean food that I may stay well

to romp and play and

do your bidding to walk by your side and

stand ready willing and able to protect you with

my life should your life be in danger.


Beloved "Friend" the time has come

where this old world has seen fit to deprive me of my health

so as you hold me gently in your arms

the skilled hands of the Great Master will grant me

the merciful boon of eternal rest and

I will leave you knowing with the last breath I drew

my fate was ever safest in your loving hands.











Connie and Colin