Westie by Maggie Fincher / Mum and Dad

Today I lost my little boy
He really was my pride and joy
I’m sitting here, what shall I do
My heart is breaking over you.

Your toys, your lead, your little bed
No longer needed now your dead
I loved you so with all my heart
Without you here it falls apart.

I trace the walks we used to take
Along the path beside the lake
And as I watch the waters flow
The tears are falling for you now.

Now in the garden you lie asleep
And tears for you I softly weep
No more pain for my little man
Play and chase as now you can.

I know together we’ll be one day
Meet Paddy and Candy along the way
So my Sweetness when that day dawns
To rainbow bridge I hope you’re drawn.

Goognight, sweet dreams I’ll miss you so
I’ll love you forever that you know
Thanks for all the fun we had
God bless you from Mum and Dad.


Lots of love and kisses,
26, Aug 2004
Maggie Fincher