Whiney by Bethany / I love you, my Whiney, my Sweet Sugar plum

Born Nov 22, 1998 midnight.

We meant to give you a home but things went wrong you broke a leg. It never healed back right. You always walked with a limp, but it never slowed you down. You were always there for me. When I cried you comforted me so. When I was happy you rejoiced with me. You never failed to be there for me when I needed you. Then you got heartworms. Believing you would out live them no one did any thing. Though every day you and me planned to get reed of them.

Then at the age 7 things went wrong. A few times you just collapsed. You slowed down. Then you got sick. The vet told us you had maybe a few months to live. Heart worms were killing you. But that night January 27, 2004. You bloated to the point you couldn’t even lie down. The whole night my mother and I stayed up with you. I hugged you the whole time telling you I loved you so. I then knew what I had to do.

I watched you as my dad carried you to the truck at 7 in then morning. Knowing he’d only bring back your body. We he brought your body back your ears stood up, the tip of tongue hung out your eyes were glazed. But you look like a puppy. You had been a puppy at heart.


Heart worms kill.
I learnd the hard way.
But my dog's death opened
our eyes made us see