Wicker by Liz Larson / Mama

I’ve never had a friend like you before. You always made me feel loved and special. Your purr was the most beautiful sound and it showed me just how happy you were.

You were a gift. I was so lucky to have nearly 17 years with you. You were just so special – I can’t really explain it, but I think you understand.

You’ve been gone for a couple of hours now. I know you’re at peace now. You’re not sick any longer and you’re a young, beautiful cat again. I’m happy about that but I’m sad that you’re not here with me any more. I know many of the feelings I have now will pass but I know my love
for you will not.

You gave me so much more than anyone else ever has. Now I wish I had known that last night was going to be our last one together. I would have held you longer, I would have talked to you more, I would have petted you more. I know how happy and content you were when I held you, and I felt the same. They were happy moments that we had and I’ll cherish them forever.

I want you to know that I will never, ever forget you, how much you loved me, and how much I loved you. I’ll never forget those nights when you stole my pilow and purred as loudly as you could. As ticked as I was that you once again had my pillow, hearing your purr somehow made it OK that you had it. I have so many memories to carry me thru the times until hopefully I get to be with you again.

I stayed with you tonight until you were gone. I hope you knew I was there holding you. I hope you heard me tell you how much I love you. I know you had to go; please don’t think I’m angry at all. I just miss you horribly.

I think now you’re probably with Spook, Snowzy, Loki and Bandit and maybe even Boomer. I don’t know if dogs get visiting priviledges or not. But Boomer did love you too and he’d visit if he could.

I know now you’re in the warm sunshine where you belong. Please be happy until the day comes when I can hold you again and listen to your purr again. You are a treasure Wicker, and I’m so grateful that I had you as my friend. I love you Baby Girl and I always will.


You're my sunshine Wicker - I love you forever
2, Jan 2005
Liz Larson