Wiggles by Paige Plattner / Paigey

When we bought Wiggle’s a tiny toy poodle that weighed only one pound, we never thought we were going to love her as much as we did. The day after we brought her home that afternoon she became very weak and frail. So I called my boyfriends mom who had recommended this type of dog and insisted that we had her brought straight to the vet. We brought her there and the vet said that we were lucky poodles need alot of sugar and her sugar level had dropped very low that day. So he took her overnight.

The next day she was fine again. We brought her home and she was very happy again. Two days later her blood sugar drooped again but we brought her back to the doctor and she was brought back to normal. She was fine for a couple weeks,from there on in the dog and I were inseparable and she went everywhere with me(She even showered with me!!) So one evening my mom and I decided to just run to the store quickly to pick up a few grocery’s without the dog and when I returned I walked in the house and my dad had the dog on the table, she was motionless but still breathing.

I decided I couldn’t look so I stood outside. My mom and dad rushed to the vet…but when they got their it was too late…she had died on the way there.Although my dad had tried everything including mouth to mouth. It is thought she may have had a stroke but its not certain. We buried her where she can be visited all the time. We’ll never forget you lil baby Wiggles! We love you very much!


Love Always,
Paige Plattner