Wiggles by Rick & Debby



October 31 1998 ----- February 9 2000

Cocker Spaniel


Daddy and Momma want you to know

what a blessing you were to us.

From the day we saw you in the cage at the pet shop

we knew you were for us.

We will never forget how you liked

to play with your orange ball

how you liked to keep track of Momma's

dish towels and most of all

how you liked to chase moonbeams and sunbeams.

Now you are in heaven with God the Father

and you have the most perfect sunbeams made to chase.

For you are where there is no darkness.


You are not forgotten and you never will be.

We love you now and will always love you

as strongly as we did the first time we saw you.

Keep watching for us

as one day we will be with you

and our families in heaven

and on that day we will never

ever have to say goodbye again.

You are our bestest buddy Wiggles.

You are missed but you are never out of our thoughts.

God bless you and

keep you safe in Heaven Wiggles.

We love you.

-Daddy Momma and Cocoa


Rick and Debby












Rick & Debby