Willy dog

Willy-Dog (rottie/bull mastiff)passed away
Jan. 20/2007 -age 14 1/2 yrs old.

I loved you so much. I’m in deep pain now that you’re gone. When I went to pick you out of the litter of 6, in the rain. You ran out to me-the only one & I picked you up& put you in my jacket, We bonded that instant. I loved the way you always followed me & when I stopped your nose would be up my ????-well you know where. You never left my side. You slept with me, came with me in the car/truck etc. I called you my son-which bugged Heather (my youngest girl) she would say she didn’t like having to tell people her brother was a dog. You made me so happy.

You listened to me complain and when I felt bad or sick; you would give me those big slobbery kisses. Oh what I wouldn’t give, to get one now. I hated seeing you loose your sight (brain tumor)& your head become deformed or your strong legs give out on your last few days. I’m so sorry for your suffering-You didn’t deserve that. I’m not sorry for not putting you to sleep-as the vet said. You lived 5 mths after. I knew you were so strong, & you didn’t want to go yet.

I’m glad you came out & walked with me those last few times. You knew you wouldn’t be here long, that’s why you walked the perimeter of our property (over an acre)& marked every few feet. You wanted to protect us even after you were gone.

But I knew near the end I had to tell you. It’s ok to leave me. I knew you didn’t want to and I knew that you knew I was there with you till the end. You gave me that cute little eyebrow thing you always did when you listened to me. Willy-Dog I love you more than words. I hope you like where I laid you to rest, In my flower garden.

You are the most devoted dog, I have ever known and I love you more than life itself.


You lived just to love me,

January 15,2007