Winter Rose by Marilyn / Mom and Dad

My Rosie was my first schnauzer puppy. I had had two other schnauzers but not as pups. I raised her from a baby and that made her very special. We would play on the bed, butting heads and snorting like pigs. I started calling her my little piglet. This was her favorite game to play with me. She would nibble my ears and hair and snort every morning to wake me.

As she got older I had to pick her up and put her on the bed so we could play, she never grew tired of our game even when she was so sick. On the day she passed we played our game one last time as best she could, but by than she had little breath left for snorting. She died of cancer this past July and I hate to think of her out in the cold snow. I know she isn’t really there but somewhere warm and safe. At the end we had to put a diaper on her due to continuity problems and she never seemed to mind it. She looked so cute waddling around.

Please dear Lord play her piggy game with her once in while until I can join the game again. Seiben (my first), Poco (my second) and Rosie my baby be happy together and play nice. See you all soon.


Sadly missing you all.
Love and Snuggles
Winter Rose