Wolfy Hjelmquist by Skip / Susan

March 29,1991- October 23, 2003

The power of his jaws,
the magnitude of his size.
The length of his claws,
those soulful alert eyes.

From the moment I first met him, love filled my heart,
as a tribute to him, I collected “wolfie” art.
Wolveskin was the nickname that fit me the most,
“kin to the wolves” I’d say, as I proudly boast.

What a privilege to take him out for a walk,
folks stopping to stare and gawk.
All 180 pounds or more of him by my side,
hanging on to the leash tightly trying
to keep up with his stride.

Dinner time I’d watch in aw,
bones crunching with the might of his jaw.
The home cooked stew was such a treat,
the veggies licked clean of gravy and meat.

A story I believe to this very day,
no violets ever grew back where Wolfie chose to lay.

The Wolfie legacy will live on and on,
with memories etched within my heart.
Though his time on earth is gone,
In heaven we’ll make a new start.
And smiles will beam from within,
The loving paws to my shoulders embrace,
He’ll┬áremember his Auntie Kin,
and big Wolfie kisses will slime my face.


With everlasting love,
Wolfy Hjelmquist
23, Oct 2003