Woody by Davis Family / YOUR FAMILY FOREVER

My son at the age 3 was playing outside in the yard one spring day when all of a sudden a truck driven by some guy stopped and tryed to grab my son up and take him from us. I seen this right away but knew that he was closer to him then I was and I would not get there in time so I sent Woody after him. He was already mad
at this person for being in our yard.

Woody ran full steam after the man. The guy was within six inches from grabbing my son when Woody chased him back in his truck, only by the hair did Woody miss his butt! If it wouldn’t have been for Woody I would not only have lost my favorite dog but my child would not be with us too.

He was such a good protector that we never had to worry about anything when he was around us! We did after time get a new dog but you know, it was another Black Lab. He’s 1 yrs. old now but I do think that alot of Woody is still alive and in our new puppy (Shilo) So see even if your pet has gone from you, their spirt still lives amoung us. Never quit believing in the powers of your pet!!


Davis Family