Woody by Luanne Mizera / Luanne, Rick, Melissa, gram, &
your buddies D

My husband I went to Helen Banks to adopt a greyhound for our daughter Melissa; we got a female she was young and we all fell in love with her, so we decided that we wanted another one. Dolly our female is a small greyhound. I never wanted a big dog, so my husband and I looked around at Helen’s place and I came across Woody; he looked so sad in his kennel and I said to my husband this is the one I want. He said he is a big greyhound. I said he’s not that big; he truly was big and I don’t regret it. He was the best friend I ever had.

We believe he was on the track for about five years, he had arthritis we knew this, it did not matter. We got Woody in 1997 he was with us until this past week, 7-07-04 his arthritis got the best of him; he could no longer walk and we knew it was time to let him go. It was the hardest thing we ever had to do and knew it was the best thing for him. We could not let him suffer that way.

Woody loved to go for walks and play with our other two greyhounds. They truly are the best of dogs that anyone could ever ask for. I’ll miss him waiting for his treats coming in from doing his duty. I’ll miss him licking his chops for his treats, or just staying up at night with me as I watched T.V. There’s such an empty feeling without him, but he will live in my heart for the rest of my life.

Woody never barked, not mean bone in his body. He was warm loving and just a beautiful precious greyhound with a big heart of love. I will never forget him, and I know someday I will see him again. I wish I could see him now just one more time to tell him how much we will miss him and that we all loved him so much that he brought so much happiness to all of our lives. My heart is broken without you Woody.


Greatly Missed With Much Love,
Luanne Mizera