Yasmine by Yiakoumatos


" Yasmine "

Dec. 25 1989 ------- Nov. 8 1998

Domestic Short Hair



Dark clouds gathered into their bosom

the spirit and soul of my heart's joy

And a chasm deep mysterious filled with pain

Tore me apart a fine-honed knife

I'll never see her again in this life.


The skies wept for joy,

tamping the earth 'round her small form.

Our girl is lost to us now save memory

Grief so raw my heart torn wide

open to the vultures of grief inside.


Yasmine sweet wide-eyed girl of mine

I'll not erase the memory of you

Your small head trusting upon my arm

Your lovely voice chiming octaves still in my mind...

I cannot replace you nor would I try.


You are gone to God's arms and so I wait

a reunion in heaven come sooner than late.



Tammi and Andreas