Yella by Elizabeth, Frank, Joseph & Christoper Brammer / Mum, Dad, Joseph & Christopher

Oor Yella

our wee cat yella

was a smart wee fella

he was always there for us

always a cat to trust

he always listened and never gave us any fuss.

Our wee cat Yella

was a handsome wee fella

bold and strong

never doing anyone wrong.

Our wee cat Yella

hes been with us for a very long while

through most of our adult life

he always managed to make us smile.

He was a cheeky wee chap

taking mad turns at night running around the house

as if he was after a speedy mouse

always chasing spiders

then laying down beside us.

Our wee cat Yella

gave us all his love

now he’s due in the kingdom above

it broke our hearts but we had to let him go

so he could be free from pain I’m sure he knows

there’s been lots of tears and laughter

he will always be in our hearts and thoughts

I just wish he could have been here for a while longer

and grew a bit stronger

but hes had a good life

never in any trouble or strife

its just something thats part of life.

Our Yella

try as he might

he gave his sickness one a hell of a fight

but we have to accept

no more trips to the vet

it’s time to say goodbye and let go of our lovely wee pet.

Our Yella

no more snuggling on top of the dryer in your little bed

and raising your cute wee head

and greeting us in the morning

no more scratching at the side of the door

to get out and say hello

now our hearts have sunk way down low

I know you would not like to see us all upset

but don’t worry our heartache might be painful and slow

but we will never forget you and will pick ourselves up

because thats the way you would want us to be

bye bye wee cat now your free

now we will never see your little cheeky face again

We will miss your little voice.
We will miss your wee cheeky swagger.
We will miss your cute little face.
but most of all we will miss you.

Oor wee cat Yella

Poor Yella we will always love you we miss you loads

and never forget you rest in peace wee cat

sweet dreams

from all your family love and peace always.


wee cat Yella.

15th may 2008

we love you

say hello to Kira


With eternal love always and forever
15, May 2008
Elizabeth, Frank, Joseph & Christoper Brammer