Yeller by Shelby Osceola / Shelby

To my Best Friend…

Tears keep falling,
I wish you were here,
My heart still aches for you,
My precious dear.
Your empty stall
Tears me apart,
Why couldn’t I save you,
With all the love from my heart?
Your hurt is finally gone,
You are no longer in pain,
I still lose my mind without you,
This makes me insane.
As I move on,
You do not drift from my mind,
Yeller, I still think of you,
You were so loving and kind.
Although you have left,
I swear sometimes I see,
Your big gentle eyes,
looking at me.
I want you to know,
I will never forget,
The love you gave me,
My greatest friend yet.


With all my love & never forgotten,
1, June 2010
Shelby Osceola