Yogi by BerNadett

This tribute is in memory of my beloved dog Yogi or “Licky lulu’s”. Some time ago I wrote a tribute to her brother Smoki. Smoki died five years ago and now Yogi has joined her brother. I am so blessed to have had Yogi for 18 years. When I took her to the vet, he could not believe
how long she had survived.

In January of this year I took my babies for their yearly checkup. It was then that I learned that my poor Yogi had cancer in her mouth. My gosh; I never thought a dog could get cancer in their mouths. After Smoki had died of cancer in his leg; I thought I was careful to check Yogi for symptoms of cancer. I just never thought about mouth cancer. Anyway, for two months Yogi lived off of medication. But I knew in my heart I was going to have put her down. Trouble was; I didn’t know when. She had good days; and bad days. I used to ask her each day; will this be the day? It wasn’t until the Lord sent a beautiful pure white dove on the roof of my house for two days in a row that I knew it was time. After I took Yogi in, the dove never came back. That’s how I knew it was a sign from God to let her go. So my Yogi is now with her brother.

I can hear Smoki telling his sister; “Well it’s about time”! Then Yogi would say something like; “Well you know mom; she refused to let me go”. Now all I have left are my what I call my misfit animals. They all came from abused homes. I raised Smoki and Yogi from pups.

Yogi; I will never forget your wagging tail. It never stopped wagging until you died. And your face; it always looked like you were smiling. I knew you were a happy dog. Even when the skunk sprayed you, you still wagged that tail! I know you are no longer suffering my “Licky lulu’s”. Always licking too! You gave me 18 beautiful years and I will always love you. I thank our Lord for lending you to me.

Yogi; your brother Booboo, your sister midget Gidget, and the three cats:
Panda, Patches, and Thomas all miss you, too.


With all my love
3, Mar 2005