Your Best Friend Forever by Best Friend / Best Friend

To my best friend;

You’ve given me a special gift, so sorrowfully endowed, and through the last few cherished days, your courage made me proud. But real love knows when your best friend is in pain, and understanding earthly acts will only be in vain.

So I looked deep into your eyes, beyond, into your soul, I saw in you the magic, that would again make me whole. The strength that you possess is why I looked at you that day, to do this thing that must be done, for it was the only way. That strength is why I’ve followed you, and chose you as my friend, and why I’ve loved you all those years…
my partner ’til the end.
Please, understand just what this gift you have given means to me, it gives me back the strength I had lost, and all my dignity. You took a stand on my behalf, for that is what friends do. And know that what you did is right,
for I believe it too.

So, for one last time, I took a ride, and through your hand I felt, the courage that’s within you, to have granted me this ascent. You’ve cut the leash that holds me here, to let me run free in the clouds. And know that I am once more a strong and steady dog, my pain and struggle is gone. Don’t despair my passing, for I won’t be far away, forever there, within your heart, a memory of me will stay.

I’ll be there watching over you, as your ever faithful friend, and in your memories I will run…a young dog once again.
Love, your best friend forever


Your Best Friend Forever
Best Friend