Zak by Don and Shirley Lewis / Mummie, Daddie, grandma, DJ, Angel, Sandy, Johnny


How could we resist a cute little white puffball.
With black eyes and pink nose.
You would bark as we greet you.
You are too smart to figure things out when we don’t want you to know.
As soon as we say coffemate or postum you go nuts.

You are mummies best friend when she talks to you and you talk back.
You are daddies best friend when he gives you coffemate or postum.
You protect your grandma when she is alone.

The tumor took away your short life yesterday.
We had no choice but to end your suffering.
Go and be with your best friend Isaac.
He has been waiting for you for 2 years now.
And he has made a home for you.
Run free Zakipoo and be happy.
You have taken all of our hearts to love you more.

Your mummie and daddie is hurting but they know that you are not in pain anymore. You are happy and reunited with Isaac all over again.

We all miss you lil guy.

Wait for all of us we will meet again. Especially mummie and daddie.


With love
15, June 2005
Don and Shirley Lewis