Zeenie by Lynne Barton

My Mom went and got herself two dogs at age 78. Her beloved “Petuna” had just died. My moms heart struggled and struggled to beat. My Mom knew one of her cherished 2 little pups had “problems” and everyone called this dog “weired” “odd” “Nutty”. When Moms heart worsened she feared what would happen when she died. Everyone wanted Lilly, but no one wanted Zinnia (Zeenie). She even asked all the neighbors.

Well Mom died, and I ended up keeping BOTH Dogs. Zeenie became the love of my life. She danced to music (if played loud enough), she pranced and danced at the joy of being outdoors, and she insisted on sleeping IN MY BED up at the head on a pillow. She was the only dog I have ever known who would get so excited when I would come home that she would do a special dance and then throw herself down and twirl around and around. When Zeenie suddenly died at age 12 my heart was torn from my body. It has been like loosing Mom all over again.


With gratitude for YOUR love
Lynne Barton