Zeke by John



September 1988 ----- September 2 1999



This is a poem I wrote to my dog Zeke

a large chocolate lab/ Weimaraner cross.

He was about 100 lbs. and all who saw him

commented on what a beautiful dog he was.

He was such a good friend

that this poem just came out of me in a short time

two days after I had to put him down.

He had cancer and he was 11 years old this month.

He let me know when he was ready to go.

I stoked his ears as the shot was administered

and I didn't really know exactly when he passed?

It was so quick and so peaceful

I could not have asked for anything more gentle.

He was a blessing to me and my wife

and to literally everyone who met him.

I am convinced that he was a gift from God.

Hope you can relate to the poem.

Just change some of the words if you like to fit your special friend.




I saw his image again just now

Walking just ahead

He was moving with that graceful gate

The image of a steed.


Loyalty - he defined it

Loving - so much heart

Playful - always ready

Ready - from the start


The way you came into our lives

The story of that day

You came you stayed you lived we loved you left

Too suddenly.


Sitting - ever watching

Laying - head on chest

Watching - ever mindful

Fetching - never rest


His eyes had such expression

He could move you with his look

We had no troubles talking

You read us like a book.


Caring - oh so gentle

Perceiving - he just knew

Protective - he could scare you

Comforting - through and through


In the river in the woods

Those daffodil fields you graced

We took you there and you took to us

Every one every thing every place.


Gifted - you were to us

Smart - beyond compare

Spirited - Holy Spirit

Willing - to go anywhere


You let us know when it was time

God's mission for you complete

Just as the Father had to look away at the end

Just our touch not our eyes would meet.


Running - oh so handsome

Riding - in the rear

Sniffing - what a sniffer!

Breathing - in our ear


I saw his image again just now

Hello Ol' Friend of mine.

You touched us deeply we love you so

Our gift from the Divine.

To "ZEKE" Love,

John Giannico