Ziggy-boo by Janet / Mommy

I adopted my Ziggy-boo from an animal hospital in Brooklyn b/c my kitten Benny had to put to sleep. Ziggy looked just like my Benny. You were always such a sweet good boy. I don’t know if you suffered. I hope to God not, I hope I made the right decision on having you put to sleep. At least I still have your son and daughter to see you in every day. Pickle looks just like you. You were like a big daddy to all the new cats; you took them under your wings or should I say paws and showed them the ropes. The rest of the day you spent lounging around catching some sun on the window. We’ve been through some interesting situations together and you always stuck by me for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Susan, Meowzer, and Pickle(Precious)
send their love also.

Remember how you use to love to sit on the hutch in the kitchen that was your throne. You strangely enough loved French fries; well most people food, but what smart cat doesn’t. Hope you can get some McDonald’s up there in heaven. At least Nina can’t
steal your food anymore.

Boy did you have a healthy appetite, the way you use to meow for food you would chase me around the house meowing till I feed you. It was some what annoying and cute but I sure do miss it now. You always stayed so sweet so I know you’re in heaven with Ralphie. Look for him so each of you have a friend to hang with. Bye Ziggy, Ralphie, Benny, Tommy, and Kitty-cat and anybody I didn’t name we’ll meet again some day I hope. Love Ya all mommy.


With much love,