Ziggy by Susie & Zackary


" Ziggy "

July 31 1988 ------ Aug. 29 1999

English Bulldog

Until We Meet Again


The night I laid you down to sleep,

I prayed the Lord your soul to keep

Today I seen you for the very last time,

The sweet memories of you will always be mine

I pray that you will never forget me,

One day we will be together again you'll see

God has called you to come back home,

He knows I'm not left here all alone

Until we meet again I'll miss you so,

I'll have to wait until it's time for me to go

I know we are all here for only awhile,

it's very hard but I'll try to smile

I hope you can hear me and I hope you know,

I wish I could have you back I didn't want you to go

But I know that you were tired and needed to sleep,

There is a place in Heaven for you,

and your soul God will surely keep


Until We Meet Again

I Love You Ziggy


Susie & Zackary

Sept. 7 1999




Susie & Zackary