Zion by Amy and Stuart Galvis / Mommy and Daddy

Today we honor a really great friend. Zion Galvis.

Zion was a Manx/Siamese mix who came into our lives thanks to the Boulder Valley Humane Society. We adopted him in February of ’02, and the vet approximated that he was 2 years old at the time.

After a somewhat rocky adjustment to becoming a housecat, Zion grew to be on of the coolest cats this world has seen. If you knew him, you loved him. He was very handsome with beautiful blue eyes and a pink nose, and of course the classic no-tail Manx characteristic.

He loved to climb trees, chase our dogs, kill birds, roll in the dirt (followed by his famous ‘go sleep on mom and dad’s bed all dirty’), and most of all, he LOVED to snuggle. He couldn’t be close enough to you. His favorite spot was curled up on our bed, right between our heads – he was in heaven there.

On Sunday, Zion a blot clot to the artery in his pelvis due to heart disease that we didn’t know he had. The emergency vet said that it is very difficult to diagnose heart disease in cats until something like this happens. The vet told us that he was sorry to say that the diagnosis for Zion could not have been worse, and that cats is his situation do not recover. He was in a lot of pain, and was paralyzed from the waist down – his heart was almost twice the size of a normal cat. We say maybe that’s why he was so incredibly loving. We made the decision quickly to put him down, because we could not stand to see him hurting. We were there with him and sent him on his way with all our love. It was the most difficult experience for us both. We wrapped him in the rainbow blanket – his favorite – and buried him in our garden on the south side of the house.

If you love animals – he was one for the records. If you believe in spirits – his was top notch. If you take the time to think of him, please send him some love – he deserves it.

Zion February ’00 – November ’07 – We’ll miss you very much


Our Love,
18, Nov 2007
Amy and Stuart Galvis