0scar by Jan, Bob and Rob / Jan, Bob and Rob and all your family

0scar you were so special from the day you came home with us to your new home in Crosby, Merseyside, England. A kitten for our son Robert who was only 10 years old then. We fell absolutely and hopelessly in love with you.

Such a part of the family from the start – we all love you so much.

This last few years when you became so sick, first with Diabetes and then with dementia. You still retained your character and I hope we cared for you in the way you deserved.

That last week when you were failing was heartbreaking. 19 wonderful years. I could go on about the things you did and the way you made the family laugh – but we know all that and won’t forget.

I wish that we could hold you again, nestle into your fur and hear you purr just once more.


Never forget you sweetie with love,
Jan, Bob and Rob