Radar by Tammy Peoples / Mommy

Radar (or Little Man as we liked to call him) came to us on Father’s Day of 2005. My step children had given him to their Dad as he had lost his dog the year before. I wasn’t sure that we needed another dog, but there he was and there was no going back. Plus he was supposed to be my husband’s dog, not mine.

I already had a 12 year old Cocker that had followed me from state to state, from bad marriage to good marriage. Little did I know that this dog would pick me to love. He was determined to be mine and when you looked into those brown beautiful eyes you couldn’t help but fall. I feel hard for this little guy and we became inseparable. I would walk around singing me and my shadow because he would always be beside me. He would get so excited when we would come home from work. He was happy to see his Dad, but when Mommy got home oh boy. The tail started, he was dancing on two legs and shaking all over. We had to sit for a minute and just love on each other. My face would be wet with puppy kisses and he had more than his fair share
of Mommy love as well.

He tolerated my old dog-never quite understanding why he just couldn’t run up and play with him. He curled up with me every night on the couch and slept right beside me every night. My favorite times where when my husband would get up to go to work. We would go lay back down for about an hour and he would get as close as he could to me. It was like he was trying to take his place. He was much more to me than just a pet. He was like my child.

Tonight is the first night I will have to spend without him. We had him for such a short time, but we learned so much from each other. Never has my heart poured out so much love to an animal as it did with him. I cannot express in words the grief that I feel, but I know that we will be together again. God has a new dog to love and take care of until we are reunited. He will never be forgotten and will live on forever as a piece of my heart will always be his.


I love you little man,
Tammy Peoples