Abby by Melanie & Randy Hamilton / Daddy & Mommy

I can remember one Saturday afternoon I begged my husband to go look at a litter of beagle puppies. We returned home we a beautiful lil’ girl we named Abigail, aka Abby. She instantly became my best friend and from the first time we brought her home she slept between us each and every night. I truly cannot tell you how much joy and love Abby brought into our lives. Sadly after just turning 7 she passed away.

We rushed her to Purdue for emergency surgery, but Abby passed away on the operating table. There has not been a day or hour that goes by that my heart does not ache for the loss of Abby. The say time heals, but my heart hurts more each and everyday without Abby in my life. I pray one day I will see her again and be able to tell her how very much I love her and have missed her.


Until we meet again with all our love always & forever,
Melanie & Randy Hamilton