Ace Stevens by Heather Stevens / Your Mommy

Ace was my first dog. I remember going to the lady’s house in California to pick him up. She had other dogs to. She also had a gray pug and others. But Ace stood out in my heart. I wasn’t very old when I got him, so the way I picked his name was me and my brother put names in a hat and I picked out Ace. He is always so happy, even when he’s sad he’s always by my side. He was the best friend that I have or will ever have. He’s full of energy, and that face will always stay with me. When we had to put him down, my heart tore and broke apart. To see him hooked up to machines and have tubes down his thought to help him breath was the worst site I’ve seen. As a mother you feel responsible to save your child’s life. But there was nothing I could do. I would trade places with him in a heart beat. He’s my everything…


Never ending love,
Ace Stevens
Heather Stevens