Adam by Brandy / Brandy

Adam was found in our garbage can with nowhere to go. I put some leftover chicken out for him to eat.

Mom said we did not need anymore cats.I was begging her to let us keep him. But finally my sis talked her into keeping this grey little furball and I jumped so much I almost had a headache.

WE took the little guy into our room and layed him on the bed to rest. The next day me and my bff were eating melons. All of the sudden SNATCH!Right out of my hand. We came to know that he loved melon. He also loved pizza as well he would always take that from my plate also. He either liked these foods or he liked
to snatch things from people.

This cat became very friendly with my other cats Joe and Midnight yet he thought of them as very special companions not just friends.

Later on my cat Midnight was taken away after having a litter of kittens because she was bleeding and throwing up from people kicking her around while being pregnant. I was so sad to hear that she was taken away but so happy to hear that she will be taken care of by the vet. I am not sure where she is now whether she is up in heaven or with another family. But back to the Adam topic.

He grew EXTREMELY lonEly even though he did not lose Joe there was still an empty spot that will NEVER be filled without Midnight. We moved to another home and our baby Adam was used to the thought already because there was much more space to run and play.

He was still a little kitten at this time just not little little. Soon I grew to hate the space he had to run around in. This is because
he was running on the road.

I was in the bus that had ran him over. I had not noticed that he was run over until I went out to check the mail and he was sitting out on the road with blood coming out every where. I was the saddest girl alive
at least at that moment.

There was a field behind my house where me and my friend buried him in a box with my fave necklace and pretty stones. I sang a song to the grave about the loss of a loved one.

The next day I was climbing onto the bus and the busdriver said that she had ran him over. I was very mad, but I got over it. That is my pet story. I was so grateful to be able to share with you.


Deeply hurt forever with all my heart,