Admiral Tidbits by Brandi and Leigh Johnson / Your Family

Admiral Tidbits was a ferret like no other. He came to us through a trip to a pet store to buy our cat, Captain Crunch, some toys and food. Admiral and Captain loved each other dearly. They would run around the house, both in their little sailor suits, rolling around, biting and chewing. Admiral was a loving ferret, he would cuddle with us in bed and lounge in our laps while we watched tv. His favorite show was
Leave it to Beaver, as is ours.

I remember one time when we were at the beach (Admiral loved vacationing with us) and we awoke morning to find Admiral missing, we looked for a while, even late enough for the maids to get to our rooms to clean. We were explaining our situation to our housekeeper when we heard frantic screams and yells across the hall, that was it,
that was Admiral Tidbits.

He had scared two ladies onto their beds and we had to run and get him from their room. Needless to say we don;t return to that hotel. It was soon after that when Admiral Tidbits stopped eating and playing as much. We took him to the vet and they just said he was getting older and was slowing down. He held on for a few more months
before his passing.

We were devastated to know that Admiral was gone and Captain Crunch was very depressed knowing his Admiral was MIA. We buried him with honors next to his sailor suit.


Sail on, Admiral Tidbits.
We love and miss you.
Admiral Tidbits
Brandi and Leigh Johnson