Bugsy by Kristin, Cheryl, Rainer, & Nancy / The Radeckers

Bugsy was our puppy since we first moved here when I was two years old. He was there for me and always made all of the family happy when we were sad. We got him at North Shore Animal Shelter and have loved him and looked after him for nearly 14 years. He ran away on Halloween night, by escaping from the yard through a hole in the fence. I didn’t know what to do, I was shocked when I woke up and found him gone. We searched for him the next few days and put up “Lost Dog” posters everywhere. On November 5 a loving family called my house sadly while I wasn’t home and told my sister that they had found Bugsy in the creek that goes through our town. They found him while walking their dog. Thank you to that family or we would never have known what happened to our loving Bugsy. We will never forget Bugsy in our hearts and will never forget the way he watched over our house and cared for us as well. I hope you are happy and carefree where you are!

*Bugsy-We will never forget you*


Love Always,
Kristin, Cheryl, Rainer, & Nancy