Alberta Rose Tyrone by Fenne Kicken / Fenne

That beautiful spotted coat
matched your beautiful heart and soul
From the first moment I met you
I knew I couldn’t let you go…

Our wonderful walks in the park
Our cuddles and sleeping close
You touched me with your innocence
And deeply moved me with your soul…

You made me a better person
In sharing your world with me
Our love and deep connection
There for everyone to see…

And the love we shared together
is something I cherish alone
The night we slowly went to emergency
We knew you weren’t coming home…

Your beautiful pale skin
Seemed etherial to me
I watched you slip away
Said I love you and kissed you tenderly…

So now my pup
you are free from pain
And I will bear this pain of mine
for it validates the love we shared
and how meaningful our time…

We will always be together
your ashes buried with mine
and to have you close forever
is heaven and divine…

I love you every moment
every minute of every day
I miss your grace and beauty
with every breath I take.


Forever love...
Alberta Rose Tyrone
14, Apr 2004
Fenne Kicken