Alex {“Bud”}” by Steve & Pam Kraus / Steve & Pam

When we first saw you, You were abandoned, abused & hungry. We took you in and bathed You fed You, and You had a home for the rest of Your life.When You were 3 You got very sick, We thought we were going to lose you. After 2 operations, and 9 days at the Vets.You came home. In August of 2007 we noticed You wanted to be alone and not be around us. We knew something was wrong, You always wanted to be around people. So we took you to the Vet.He said there was nothing he could do, and like Kara Sue we wouldn’t make you suffer. Now You’re with her at The Rainbow Bridge, happy & healthy.Thank you for 16 wonderful years.


With Love,
Alex {"Bud"}"
15, Aug 2007
Steve & Pam Kraus