Ollie by Tossy Huggins & Simon Smith / Mummy & Daddy (aka Tossy & Si)

Ollie, you were only 1 but you were taken from us so cruelly.

You were our family, our baby and we loved you more than anything. You were with us from the moment you were born until the moment you left &
we couldn’t have asked for a better pet.

We’ll miss how you welcomed us home by flying out the cat flap & rolling around on your back purring.

We’ll miss how you would ALWAYS come into the bathroom when we were there for cuddles & we’ll miss how you’d sleep in bed with us, nudging yourself up under our arms.

We loved that you trusted us to look after you regardless. You would never stay cross at us if we gave you medicine or if we took the mouse you’d caught from you.

We’re so sorry that we couldn’t protect you that last time. You tried so hard to come back to us but you just weren’t strong enough, and nor were we.

Ollie, we can’t believe you’re gone. You deserved so much more from life and if we could have given it to you we would have. You will be in our hearts always – we will never forget how special you are.


All our love forever,
6, Oct 2007
Tossy Huggins & Simon Smith