Alex was a greyhound taken from the Track at the Age of Two he knew that

wasn’t the life he wanted…. yet he still loved to run once in a while.

My daughter Lisa became Alex’s running and walking friend since she is in

the National Guard and keeps in shape by running.

Every time ALEX would see her…..he got so excited….knowing they would

either be going for a run or for a relaxing walk.

But Alex was getting old and Arthritis became his enemy……and it was

not easy for him to run as he wanted to…but still every time he would

see Lisa….his heart said “Lets go for a walk Lisa” but his hips wouldn’t

let him be the dog he use to be.

Arthritis finally won the battle…..but Lisa was with him on his final day.

He lived a wonderful life which he shared with me…..and Lisa with her

family; Alan her husband and her daughter Jennifer.

He also knew when Alan came to the house…he would bring treats for him,

and often they would both lay on the floor…and Alex would want to share

them with Alan.

For me Janice his owner he was a great watchdog and protector.

We have many great memories of him….and will never forget him.