by Petra I. Hernandez / Petra I. Hernandez


I have a Little dog
Its fur is black and white
It follows me around all day
But sleeps outside at night.

It has eight friends right on this street
Eight little girls and boys
Who come around and say “hello”
And sometimes bring him toys.

We had a birthday party once
On his first year of birth
And all the little children came
All eight little boys and girls.
Soda pop, icecream and cake
We had, after the song,
And Pocho’s nor Pirula’s pieces
Lasted very very long.

One little boy upon departing
Was heard to say, in awe.
“I’ve never seen a dog
With pink frosting on its paw”.

“I”ve never seen a party
For such a furry friend.
If it’s done again next year
Please invite me once again.”

by: Petra I. Hernandez


Petra I. Hernandez