Alex by Morgan

My Aunt Emily got Alex for the family back in 1992. He lived inside for a few months then became an outside dog. He was my Grandparents dog, but he always felt like mine. Over the years Alex became meaner, no one knew why,
he was so sweet to me.

Just recently my Grandparents decided on a divorce after 20 years together. My Grandma moved out, and my Grandpa stayed with all 3 of the dogs and his new girlfriend. He kept their puppy Tucker, he took the oldest dog Dixie to the Humane Society and took Alex to the pound. He was too mean to give away.

The guy that lived beside my Grandpa said he has no idea how someone could have the heart to take Alex to the pound. He said when he was putting him in the car he was licking his face and acting like there
was no care in the world.
My Grandma called the pound and they said Alex would most likely be put to sleep. We know he did, I just do not know what day in June it was.

I feel so sad I could not save him, he was my best friend. I miss Dixie too but I know she is in a good home. Alex was killed for no reason, just because his real owner did not want him.

Your Best Friend,