Gizmo by Tamika / Tamika

Gizmo came to buy we picked up from a cat rescue in ct with two and one toes on Black feet. He had extra skin and weighed a little less than 2 pounds he had a very long tail and short whiskers. He had something more than problems. He had alot of love and when I first saw I said yes he is perfect. I was right.

Then 12 months later I noticed he was having trouble urinating. Then a week later he was horrible so we brought he to the vet said he had a bladder infection so he gave medication so we went home and he took the medication the next morning was horrible. He was throwing up blood so we took him again. It turns out his bladder enlarged over night and he said within a week he what of just died. So we said the surgery and so they did. Then the next morning me and my mom went. I was crying and he looked terrible so we took him home after 2 days and he was then he got terrible again so this time we went to my sister’s vet and they said he needs to have a kind of surgery. We said yes after that we took him home then he got worse again.

He was in so much pain and we tried every thing so we said he’s in too much. Gizmo was put to sleep on December 5, 2005.


With love,