Alex Smale by Rich & Jane Smale / Love,

Mommy and Daddy

Alex our good little Husky girl,
Such a bundle of energy when we met in this world:
So many happy times, such a long life:
But losing you now still cuts like a knife.
The day was grey when you left us,
Sheets of rain poured from the heavens;
We almost cried that many tears.
So many sendoffs in the morning from your window
So many loyal greetings after work at night.
Seeing your happy contented face was always a joyful delight.
Such a faithful loving little girl
It was hard to send you from this world;
But today your filled with a new eternal life
not so far away.
And the sun is shining brightly today
as you run through your yard.
And the tears flow freely but not quite as hard.


See you again, my puppy,
Alex Smale
22, Apr 2006
Rich & Jane Smale