Jacko by David + Lisa / Love Mum + Dad x x x

Who muzzles up to me when I am sad
Who comforts me and makes me glad
When I am lonely who is always near
To lick my hand and give me cheer.

Who keeps me company on a walk
And listens to me when I talk
Who treats my moods sympathetically
Whose only thoughts revolve around me.

Whose shining eyes will love till the end
My Jacko of course my trustworthy friend
You’re one in a million you’re special to me
Affectionate loyal and great company.

You’re there when im lonely and life seems a bore
You cheer me and offer a comforting paw
The look in you’re eyes says that you understand
As you thrust a bewhiskered wet nose in my hand.

You’ll never desert me wherever I go
A far better friend than most people I know
I thank you by writing this short monologue
To my faithful devoted companion my dog.


We miss you so much baby,
27, Apr 2006
David + Lisa