Alfie by Shannon / Shannon

My first dog was Alfie. I loved that dog more than you can ever imagine. I never had many friends at school. But when I came home my best friend, Alfie,was right there for me. When I was upset, he knew. He always made me feel better. Then I made a move to a new home and a new state, leaving family and friends behind. My mom, sister, Alfie, and I made a big move. I was so upset, but still there was my best buddy, so I pulled past it. Then I was told I had to get rid of him. He was costing extra on rent. I cried and cried, I loved him to much. Then my father said he would send the money, so I got to keep him. Then one night, he slipped though the fence, and was killed. He was hit by a car. All I can say is Alfie, I am sincerely sorry. I really miss you.


With Love,