Alice by Addie Grider / Mommy, and Josh

One would think that our beloved Alice would have that happily ever after life, with all the things we spoiled her with. Toys and treats, a warm bed and lots of love and affection were just a few things we provided our girl with. She had a litter of puppies the year before her death. We kept only 1, and he and her grew very close. I don’t have him today, he is with a very special person, but he too, grieved over Alice’s tragic death.

On a bleak winter morning, my brother Josh went across the street to be with his friends. Cars were whizzing through the streets in time for last minute Christmas shopping. Alice so desperately wanted to be with Josh, so she jumped our 4 foot fence and ran directly into the middle of main street where a large truck hit her and didn’t stop. I ran outside as soon as I could get Ernie, her son, away from her. Traffic was backed up as I tried to lift my dying dog out of the road.

My aunt was driving on her way to work and saw me struggling to lift Alice’s limp body. Luckily, her being a doctor, she could at least tell us whether she would live or not. She said she wouldn’t live, but we had to take her to the vet to be put to sleep. We quietly drove Alice to the vet. I held her as I felt her chest slowly beating, slower and slower every time. My whole family buried her together, Ernie and Bob too, the dogs who had helped her through thick and thin. Under a great oak tree lie my beloved dog, my baby, Alice.


Rest in peace my beloved girl,
Addie Grider